Jewish Voice for Peace-Chicago organizes for Human Rights and Equality for Palestinians and All People

Jewish Voice for Peace-Chicago is a branch of the national organization Jewish Voice for Peace.  We are part of a global movement demanding an end to Israel's occupation of the West Bank and blockade on Gaza; equality for Palestinian citizens of Israel; and the implementation of the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to the homes and properties from which they have been displaced since 1948.  

Jewish Voice for Peace opposes anti-Muslim, anti-Arab, anti-Black, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQIA, anti-woman and anti-Person of Color bigotry and state violence.


Outraged by US Complicity in the Massacre in Gaza?

Call your US Senators or Representative.  Tell them that as a constituent you are calling to demand that they join Senator Bernie Sanders in issuing a public statement condemning the Israeli military's killing of over 50 unarmed Palestinian protesters in one day and the on-going killings.  No official condemnation of Israel's crimes.  Instead, in the UN the US laments Iran and in Jerusalem celebrates the further destruction of Palestinian aspirations.

Senator Richard Durbin: (202) 224-2152

Senator Tammy Duckworth: (202) 224-2854


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